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How to paint background in the arrow selector

I'm still working on the revised arrow stuff.  Although I do not have loads 
of time, I hack at it when I can.  The code to load the XML arrows works now, 
and they render (to a diagram) fine for the most part.  I'm trying to get the 
preview stuff going now which is what my question is about.

I have decided to just use a RendererGdk to draw the preview arrows so there 
is not two sets of code laying around doing the exact same thing.  I hacked 
through the ddisp functions used to make them act correctly if there is no 
ddisp.  However it is the double buffering stuff that has me stumped.  I'm 
wondering how to correctly initialize the pixmap before drawing each arrow.

Back in my Win32 days I would just fill the rect with the "button face" 
color, but I'm no GTK expert and I can't find the equivilant.  Besides, I 
know sometimes there are pixmaps in the background, not just colors so I want 
to get it right.  So what is the official way to flood fill the background 
area of whatever one would call the arrow selection mechanism?

Richard Rowell

If Java had true garbage collection, most programs would delete themselves 
upon execution. - Robert Sewell 

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