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Re: gtk-2.0

Here's what I've been wanting to know:  does GTK 2.0 yet include 
arbitrary scaling?  IMO, dia really needs it.


Lars Clausen wrote:

> So GTK-2.0 came out over the weekend[1].  I've spent some time today trying
> to get Dia to compile with it.  There's a bunch of smaller things, but now
> I'm hitting the big stuff.  Major changes would include using ATK instead
> of XIM and changes to redrawing.  I'm currentl;y stuck at changing
> GdkColorContexts into Gdk_RGB_* stuff.  My notes on changes are attached
> below. 
> The main question now is:  What do we do about Gtk 2.0 in Dia?  Do we make
> a branch for the conversion?  Do we use a HAVE_GTK_2_0 macro (as I have
> done so far)?  Do we ignore it till it stabilizes a bit?
> -Lars
> [1] And they still didn't improve the file dialog.  *grumpf*

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