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Is this a familiar sight? We realize that there will never be 8 days in a week, but there is hope. Let us work with you to find an answer to your needs. Our design team can create your next brochure from start to finish. If you prefer, we can also work with your photographer, or printer. We are flexible and creative, being that we are comprised of Artists and writers. Your specific application will be comprised of the fundamental tools utilized by artists: Composition, color theory and typography are key. We want to make sure your business gets it message out in a form that visually pleasant as well as informative.

Quality Service is what you Deserve

What We Have To Offer:

Graphic Illustration, Digital Imagery, Web Page Design

Scanning up to 8x13 b/w and color and color correction, including transparencies

Slide scanning, including negatives

Video, digital, and traditional photography

Only the latest in PPC platforms and operating systems, and applications.

Zip Drive, Syquest, and Magneto Optical, capable.

Virtual Domain Names, Web Site Hosting, Server Co-Location.


Corporate Brochures

Letter Head

Logo Design


Catalog Design


Label Design

News Letters

Web Page Design

Print Advertising

Press Releases

News Releases



Full Color Business Cards


For additional information Contact Us at KingBloom Design or Check out our New Portfolio...

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